Excuse me, you’ve got face on your makeup.

Excuse me, you’ve got face on your makeup.

Many disciplines come into play in an event. Things clients often don’t think about, but that they’re grateful we think about. Like, how the exhausted CEO shows up on HD camera, and how a little makeup, expertly applied, can make a difference. Not only can it disguise stress, the odd crease or a shiny forehead, it’ll make your CEO look more relaxed and in control.

Hair and makeup are two ‘secret’ disciplines that people often don’t associate with events, but that can make your people look refreshed and on top of their game. For example:

Did you know that certain foundations with SPF make you look like a ghost in flash photography?

Or that mineral makeup can make your skin appear shiny on camera, instead of matte and glowing?

No? Well, we implore you: hire a pro makeup artist for your next event or photoshoot.

And no, Susan from Accounts, whose makeup is always flawless, doesn’t count. Even if she’s watched all the YouTube tutorials. Because, even if Susan has perfected her own makeup, it’s unlikely that she:

  1. understands how makeup translates via HD,
  2. is educated in specialised techniques, like corrective makeup, men’s grooming, airbrushing, and applying false lashes, or
  3. knows how to apply makeup for various skin types.

Sorry, Susan.

It takes years of training and practice to perfect these skills. To know how to highlight a person’s best features and contour the imperfections. To give performers an extra tool to enhance a character’s role or convey their personalities. To understand that makeup looks different on-stage and on-camera than when you’re standing in front of the, um, canvas.

Candid camera

They say that the camera adds 10 pounds. It also draws attention to all the wrong things, like sweat, chapped lips, or a single out-of-place hair. Zits on camera? Magnified. They’re small details, yes, but they make all the difference.

We asked our regular makeup artist, Sarah Kaminski (@sarahjaynekaminski on Instagram), for her take on professional makeup:

“Professionally applied makeup creates a polished look and a great first impression. Makeup should never be worn like a mask but should enhance your best features. A professional artist will look at things like age, bone structure, skin tone, eye shape, lip shape, and personal style, to create a flawless, glamorous style that doesn’t scream ‘face paint’.”

So if you’re spending money on lighting, the photographer, and the video crew for your next event, please don’t skimp on the smaller details. Even if they’re, like, eyebrow-small.