Who runs the world? People.

Who runs the world? People.

Welcome to 360 ON THE MOVE, which is all about the importance of people – the real, live, human element that under-scores success in eventing. Because it sometimes feels, in the race to survive, that we forget who actually makes stuff happen when it comes to events. Beyoncé hasn’t forgotten. (Well, she says it’s ‘girls’, but girls are people.) So let’s borrow from Queen Bey’s iconic musical assertion and remember who runs the world…


There are people out there who need people and at 360 Degrees, we’re those people. Because we know that clients get more out of their events when the focus is on individuals and connection.

Yes, processes remain important. They guide behaviour in ways that increase productivity, reduce error, and promote group cooperation.

But without people on the ground making stuff happen and building engagement, processes are just rules. And when budgets are under pressure, processes can stand in the way of genius, by hampering flexibility and minimising real box-evading thinking.

This is why people, and the associations between them, are so important.

In the events industry, relationships are crucial to our success. Clients, venue managers, caterers, support staff, transport and security suppliers, attendees, audio visual and photography partners, media, ticketing vendors, and entertainers… We all rely on each other to pull off a successful event. If a process fails, we need people to find or create a solution.

At 360 Degrees, we believe in working with people who are smarter than us and who have complementary skills and services. Who share our mandate for bringing individuals together and for producing outstanding experiences. We’re people who need people.

Inside Info

Annie Leibovitz said, “A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” We think that Tim Moolman, our photographer extraordinaire, fell in love with us a bit, because he took some epic photos of our team recently – showing both our serious professional sides and our inner secret lunacy.

We’ll be sharing these with you in time.

To start with, meet Megan and the woman who runs Megan, Octavia.

By the way…

Conferencing is changing, driven by new technologies, formats, and approaches. To keep up, your best ideas need to change too. So think about conferencing in new ways…

Here are a few of the techniques we’ve used recently:
Showing an app demo? Ditch the mock-up, do it live, and stream it in real time. Go low-tech and let the delegates take control of the discussion through scrums, writable walls, pens, and sticky notes. Cram in as much content as possible, keep talks under 15 minutes, and only use PowerPoint if it’s visual and impactful, Amin Toufani-style.