So… what will you do?

So… what will you do?


Once upon a time, we could just… write you a newsletter.

Tell you a story.

Give you a tip.

In those golden, olden days, we’d just… craft you a message.

Nudge you a little.

Ask you a question.

But, it’s not that time and many of us are not the same people we were this time last year.

We’ve… evolved.

Everything changed, and so we changed.

It was scary.

It is scary.

But change makes us better.

In our NEW SHOWREEL, 360 Degrees Production House takes a heartfelt look at the fact that there’s no new normal. There’s only change.

It’s what you do with it that’s new.

So what will you do? TELL US.


While you’re reading this, David Butler, veteran actor, is facing the fight of his life as he battles lung cancer.

A stalwart of our industry, David is emblematic of the theatrical world – and his struggle, symbolic of our world’s great war with itself.

Help us to help David, by making whatever donation you can to the R1.5 million required to save him: