The world is rather different in 2022

The world is rather different in 2022

We’re emerging into a fresh and altered world. A fascinating world!  

 As travel and events are front and centre again, we are feeling inspired and energised. We feel like kids back in our playground at last, looking at the amazing things that people have been up to, reimagining, reinventing, and repurposing the old. Discovering the new. 

 People have been paying attention to important elements like time and care, creating meaningful experiences.  

 The unusual, the authentic, the personalised and the customised are becoming priorities for all of us. 


Our eyes are on… 

A mall is a mall is a mall, and retail is retail, right?  


We Are Egg in Cavendish Square, Claremont, Cape Town takes ho-hum retail shopping and turns it on its head. 

Is this the future of retail? It’s certainly the present, as created by entrepreneur Paul Simon and retail guru Arie Fabian. 

What appeals and attracts is the authentic experience of sublime design, the creativity of the individual retailers, the sense of inclusivity and the showcasing of smaller business owners.   

The spirit of the concept is  “We co-create, we co-lab, we co-evolve, we are egg.” 

It’s a product of our times, and a spearhead of things to come. 


Yes, it’s been around since 2004 but it continues to innovate, and to reflect our times. The Peech Hotel is a very special retreat in the heart of Johannesburg. It’s an excellent example of responsible tourism, with their own on-site water bottling and Bokashi wet waste facilities. Set in a glorious garden with immaculately appointed rooms, this contemporary boutique hotel also boasts an outstanding dining experience. Chef Candice Philip currently heads up Basalt, which won the ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant in South Africa’ at the Luxe Awards last year. The “Love and Lust” experience is sophisticated, unpretentious and delicious.  



The Peech is a fresh and carefully thought-out experience that turns time spent away from home into a hand-stitched adventure. 

 On a rooftop with views of Lions Head, Table Mountain and Church Square, FYN is such an exciting dining experience. The team of three who run fyn are as interested in the space in which one eats as they are about the menu. The architecture of the restaurant is unique, founded on simplicity and style, to match the architecture of each offering, curated to blend the culinary arts and tasted of Africa and Japan – Africanese.  

FYN is the brainchild of chef extraordinaire, Peter Tempelhoff, where it’s not just about the very special food, but about the entire experience in which diners see food, its preparation and its presentation, in an entirely new light.  

It’s all very personal. 



Oubaai Golf & Spa. A magnificent place to launch the new Bred to Be Bold Isuzu mu-X. With events and tourism newly re-opening, our guests were beyond excited to join us on this 2 day getaway experience.

Day 0. Logistics of transporters, keys and vehicles. The event team is ready. We know that the success is in the planning and execution, the processes, and the management of the weeks ahead.

From the moment of landing, our guests were treated to the Isuzu hospitality they so richly deserved.

Night 1: The Garden Route’s best kept secret, Herold’s Bay, was the perfect location to reveal the luxurious, gutsy adventurer, the Isuzu mu-X. When the guest arrive, they won’t see an empty piece of land, but a stunning venue.

Add the styling…

Provide the best catering, hospitality, and event teams, and voila! The event is simply extraordinary.

Day 2: It’s all about the Ride & Drive experience, right? Yes, and after the driver briefing and explanation of all the features…

… we hit the road.

As well as the rough terrrain where every twist and turn is a majestic delight.

Authentic, independently owned and curated stop-overs make the day quite unforgettable.


Oh wow, oh wow! This country of ours is eye-achingly, heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Big skies, hard roads and hairy, scary mountain passes. This is the most perfect driving terrain to showcase the Bold New Isuzu mu-X.

Four converging mountain passes in a single getaway experience.

It’s the planning and execution, the locations, and the surprising moments that create a meaningful experience for the guests as we take care of their every need, every step along the way

360° was immensely proud to be a part of this journey, as an event partner to Isuzu Motors South Africa. And of course… we can’t wait to see what’s in this box in 2022.

By the way: 

This month we are creating an outdoor musical event with some of our country’s finest musicians and vocalists. We’ll update our story in March. 

 Until then, we wish you a great month, filled with renewed energy and vigour.