With a Throaty Roar…

With a Throaty Roar…

The perfect metaphor for getting the wheels of the economy turning again… up and running again…

The launch of the new next-generation edition of one of the great South African LDV bakkies.

It’s hot, sleek, sexy. Lots of pure grunt.

And it’s produced here


Power, form, function coming together in the perfect launch, and yes, we’re ridiculously proud of what we achieved just short days ago, scaling daunting heights of creativity, logistics, detailed management, and an explosion of local talent.


Our client was a very well-known Japanese manufacturer, and their Gqeberha plant is their second biggest in the world, outside Asia. The company has been building bakkies here since 1978, so this is a long-term marriage, built to last. Just like their vehicles.

Japan believes in this country, and their investment has paid off magnificently in the often-neglected Eastern Cape.

This was more than just the launch of a vehicle. It was also partly about creation for its own sake, and very much about jobs that give a massive boost to the economy of a struggling region.

So the launch combined and celebrated two historic cultures from opposite ends of the globe, as Japanese visitors, local clients, media, delegates and public servants revelled in this showcase of everything that’s best about our motor industry.

And we showed the Japanese partners just what a superb commitment they’ve made, and the partnership they belong to, with a unique, flawless launch.


We pulled out all the stops. For a vehicle that represents so much more, to everyone who was there, than just four wheels and a loadbed, the symbolism was important.

A custom-built stage set was designed and executed, to fit in with the themes of mutual trust and benefit to the partners.



If you’ve ever been to a new vehicle launch, you’ll appreciate that the Reveal Moment is the make-or-break scene in the unfolding drama. Well…

… a breath-taking reveal showed off the new vehicle at its finest, as it negotiated a grand entrance down a long bumpy path to display its rugged, built-for-purpose work-and-play nature.

The audience were stunned (and breath-taken).

And no less a person than President Cyril Ramaphosa was there to address the guests and express his delight and appreciation for the deeper meaning of this moment. He even (we think possibly with his tongue in his cheek) suggested renaming Gqeberha after the manufacturer.

Nice idea, that!




It was great and easy to source top-flight dancers, choirs, musicians, magicians, comedians, drummers, DJs – Gqeberha, You ROCK! It was an explosion of talent the likes of which you’ll only find in this big small town (or maybe small big town, you choose) near the southern tip of the world’s largest continent.

Sikelewa Jo An Qwazi, a multi-talented artist from Kwa-Zakhele township in Gqeberha, currently living in Johannesburg, and one of the top 3 singers of the Voice South Africa 2019’s season 3.



And of course, TwoTone, a band founded in 2009 by Ulagh and Gareth Williams, which can consist of as few as 4 musicians, or expand all the way up to 22, depending on the occasion. It’s a band that features some of the very best musical talent in the Eastern Cape, and their repertoire is amazing.

And just for good measure we called upon one of the finest choirs in the country, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Choir.



The Tramways Building in Nelson Mandela Bay.

It’s located near the harbour, so it’s central and easy to find. Beautifully revamped, it’s a great advertisement for urban renewal, and has a stunning exterior and beautiful open spaces that let you go all out in coming up with really imaginative staging for your events.

Logistically, you aren’t at all cramped for space, and 360 Degrees was able to get at least three food trucks into the space to provide brilliant meals to some very spoilt guests at our recent launch in the city.

The ample space also means that you can have lots of seating, while also having lots of space for people to move about, visit the food trucks, socialise etc.

Colour us IMPRESSED.