An Audible Season

An Audible Season


So the soundtrack is a relatively new invention, but these days it’s totally essential for the stories of our lives.

Music creates atmosphere and moods. The best movie soundtracks are so subtle that you aren’t even really aware of them, but they are influencing our thoughts and feelings right the way through.

Suspense? Horror? Most of it is created by the Danger Music.

How often do you choose a particular piece of favourite music to add to a moment? What kind of music do you put on when you sit down at your computer? Chances are you’ll spend a moment or two choosing something that puts you in a brave frame of mind for composing a difficult letter to a sticky client; or something totally upbeat and joyful that creates a relaxed atmosphere when writ to a friend about some good news in your personal life.

And something else entirely for a relaxed evening with a good book. Not to forget those deliciously nostalgic moments listening to a selection of hits from your student days; all the way back to childhood days.

Music is an absolutely loyal companion, with layers and layers of memory and meaning.

No question, music enriches our lives. Immeasurably.

With winter pretty much on top of us, we are probably looking forward to warm, snug evenings with a crackling fire, toasty duvets, rich soups, and a cosy nest. (Why do bears hibernate? Because they’re smart!)

Yes, winter is definitely a time for the joys of being indoors.

We also think it’s a time to rediscover the immense pleasure that can be had from hiding from the distractions and frantic pace of the outside world and exercising our ears again. In our own time.


Make this winter a time to listen. Catch up on all those podcasts you’ve been saving for when you have time, listen to new recordings of favourite pieces of music. (When a piece of music is really good, it’s amazing how you can listen to it over and over and hear new things in it each time.)


Of course, you can do all these things in your car, your office, or in the vibrant atmospheres of coffee shops and restaurants and friends’ homes, but the fact is that winter is a time for warming your soul as much as your body, and we truly believe that you can create enormous happiness by taking part in the very relaxed but very active pursuit of listening. How about a book, read by a superb artist? Try a new genre of music and see what you think. Be adventurous! Be safe! It doesn’t matter.

A hundred years ago, none of these joys were available to our ancestrals. None of them.

How lucky we are to be able to choose and create the soundtrack of our winter, this winter.

Make the most of it!

You can find just about anything you can think of online, via the obvious sources, such as You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music, and hosts of other popular music sources.

Audio books are available on a number of sites, such as Audible. Remember, Google is your friend when you’re searching for something special.

For podcasts, start by going to Spotify or

Winter surfing … no cold grey seas, just a perfect way to snuggle up indoors.


It’s a uniquely Ubuntu-centric kitchen-bar-lounge tucked away in Africa’s commercial heart, Sandton, Johannesburg.

You’ll find it at 11 Alice Lane in Sandton. And that’s not a coincidence. Owner Lereko Ntshona hails from Alice in the Eastern Cape, the town where you’ll find Fort Hare, a significant breeding ground for many South Africa’s leading black intellectuals who overcame so many odds to lead the people in the struggle for democracy.

Watch video.


Besides serving a sumptuous African-influenced menu, which also is fitting for any weather and especially the current chilly weather, eDikeni is known as a great venue for live jazz performances – yet another way of taking time to listen this winter (see An Audible Season, above). So… meet your friends, eat from an exciting new menu, tap your toes to the great music, or get up and jive! Why not?

eDikeni is the perfect spot to celebrate an African winter!