Like Big Budgets? So do we.

Like Big Budgets? So do we.


How to afford your next event

It’s February, which means you could already be behind.

Venues are filling up. Like, yesterday.

But this is also South Africa, where Nostradamus wouldn’t be able to predict the next price increase.

Unlike some utilities, however, 360 Degrees will never leave you in the dark. (Nor will we make jokes about Nostradamus doing his finest work by candlelight.)

Here’s the breakdown you need to get with the programme:

1.Respect the specs

You can only work with what you’ve got. So put Lady Gaga and the inflatable props aside (for now) until you’ve determined the available resources. We suggest that you decide on the type of event you need, to reveal the budget you should look for, as opposed to starting with the resources you think you have. Consider past events, focus on areas where you’ve overspent, and adjust to worst-case scenario.

2.Break ‘em up

Bite-sized chunks help to keep your planning organised and your nerves away from the cliff’s edge. Start calculating and categorising the typical high-level expenses you can’t go without, beginning with the largest.

For example:

  • Venue
  • Entertainment
  • Staffing
  • Tech
  • Catering
  • Signage & branding
  • Marketing & logistics
  • Furniture & decor

3.Go deep & meaningful

Very often, this is where the prep becomes the schlep. Map out individual line items, detail the nitty-gritty of each, and jot down the costs.

For example:

Keep going until you have a detailed list to work with.

4.Finalise. Ish.

This is it. Almost no takesies-backsies. Can you actually afford this event, as it is currently scoped? You may have some dough left for Gaga and the inflatables…


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Local legend, keeper of South African memories, and icon of our musical history, she has helped to guide us through confusing times, joyous times, complex times.

She is Claire Johnston from Mango Groove and, like a much-loved fragrance, she remains in our atmosphere: radiating comforting vibes and bringing South Africans together.

Nothing sounds quite like home talk and no-one sounds quite like Claire – the soaring voice behind the magical blend of South African marabi, kwela and pop. Having captivated audiences worldwide, Claire has also won our hearts at 360 Degrees. Enjoy this clip of Claire Johnston and Mango Groove and let’s take a moment to go waaaay back.

Here’s to many more years of making beautiful music!


In South Africa, Chef David Higgs is #foodgoals. He’s everywhere, sticking fingers in all the pies while we stew in hangry anticipation. All jokes a-side, there’s a lot at steak and 360 Degrees is raring to jump into this celebrity’s frying pan. Read more.


When planning for events, small businesses should think like big businesses when it comes to strategy and execution, but big companies should think like small ones when it comes to budget and attention to details.