Hi, this is a robot speaking.

Hi, this is a robot speaking.


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Enhance the humanity in & around your events

Smell that? It’s looming AI hysteria, precipitated by ChatGPT. Granted, we humans were forced to ‘pivot’ to tech for over two years during the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that the bots are making themselves comfy in modern life.

But this doesn’t mean we can trade our swivel chairs and status meetings for sofas and Netflix… Not yet anyway. This month, we’re looking at “How to human”:

1. Artist Management

If it’s data you need, it’s data you’ll get. AI can help select panel experts, trending artists and event speakers based on popularity, public opinion and the event you’re planning. But you’ll require inter-personal skills, experience and discretion to select and engage with the artists who can add the most value in real time, in real life.

2. Wayfinding signage

AI-enabled mobile applications and digital smart signs offer easy navigation, menus, line-ups, and more. But many event attendees don’t want to download a(nother) app or hunt down a smart sign. Warm-blooded crews, clear ‘hard copy’ signage, clever decals, and human-staffed help desks are more welcoming and approachable. (Besides, you don’t need mobile data to ask a crew member where the loos are.)

3. Registration and comms

Chatbots and eventbots (yep, this is a thing) promise to eliminate queues, enhance personalisation, and reduce the need for a customer service army. Buuuut, can they solve specific queries or deal with frustrated customers? Not really. There’s a whole lot of nuance missing – and a whole lot of potential for glitches.

4. Event invite wording

ChatGPT can write for you. Its output will resemble natural language and you can even ‘pre-test’ it for effectiveness. But, for now at least, AI-generated copy doesn’t sound entirely human. There’s no real specificity, minimal freshness, a lot of phrasal repetition (because ChatGPT works off SEO) and a strong bias in favour of the Global North. Hot tip: Rather use ChatGPT as a research tool.

5. Can’t afford fancy robots?

Woodstock 1969 didn’t need Siri – and neither do you. If you’re planning an event for humans, it’s entirely reasonable to have humans do the bulk of the creative ideation, the thinking work and the peopling stuff.


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Yo SMMEs! We didn’t want to pack this P.S. with acronyms, but we urge you not to give in to FOMO when it comes to AI. Granted, YOLO. But give the bots time to get really good and really affordable; don’t strive to be an early-adopter VIP. OK?