Not kidding around.

Not kidding around.


How to survive events with and without kids

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of hosting family-friendly events and outings. After all, you’re already occupying a chunk of your employees’ time during working hours, so why not force families to spend time with each other?

*activate evil scientist laugh*

Problem is, you can’t necessarily run a team-building session while Sarah negotiates with her toddler to stop throwing Niknaks at people. The solution? A relaxed family environment – with the team-building activities reserved for non-family events.

Whip out your inner Ronald McDonald.

It’s about to get real.

To kid or not to kid: The advantages

In the past, employees weren’t widely encouraged to prioritise family and familial duties. Work time was for employers and family was for weekends.

Thankfully that’s changed, with companies realising that their people appreciate consideration of what’s going on at home.

Family-friendly events also give off informal and caring vibes, making them more comfortable for new and old employees. And because employees don’t need to organise babysitters, you’ll get a better turn-out.

To kid or not to kid: The disadvantages

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You’re dealing with a mixed crowd. Some of your people have adult kids, others aren’t close to having kids, and many avoid children like the plague for whatever reason – so have a section for the kid-free crowd to escape the chaos.

Also, if you plan on doing strategic or planning activities at the event, it’s better not to include families. Young kids and intense brainstorming sessions don’t play nicely.

Tips for planning a corporate family day


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Ever look at interactive play areas and wish you were a kid again? So did the founders of JoyJozi. From safe and interactive indoor and outdoor play areas to fine dining and pop-up experiences, JoyJozi has it all figured out.

They’re even collaborating with free-play fanatics to design the ultimate play equipment for kids. Outside they have a70-seater amphitheatre, action court, tree house, bicycle track, mini splash park and toddler hangouts. Inside are multiple mazes, slides, games, and a vintage arcade and media room.

But wait, there’s more!

The food menu was designed by award-winning chef and restauranteur Luke Dale Roberts, who created a sensory dining experience that “…takes us back to the basics in the best possible way.” We’re in. You?

Book a reservation or visit their website…like, yesterday.


Speaking of kids, we’re going bonkers about three up-and-coming local rockstars who are taking “family band” to a new level. Biko’s Manna is a dynamic trio featuring siblings BikoStar on vocals,MannaHero on vocals and guitar, and their little brother Mfundo (aka Taulion) adorably busting a move at every performance.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook – they’re gonna go far!


Feeling like you have a ball and chain – or perhaps more than one? Prison Break Market is your family’s get-out-of-jail-free card, with seven unique sheds featuring designer stalls, artisanal foods, creative crockery painting, interactive photo experiences and live entertainment.

Situated in Glenferness, the precinct features monthly pop-up markets, night markets and themed events throughout the year.

Visit the Prison Break website, get the heck out of the house and do something different with your partners in crime.


If hiring a clown is your first thought for family-friendly entertainment, re-consider. And as for Scream masks… Nah. Instead, unless your objective is fear and your target market is older, opt for Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Bluey and Disney characters. They’ll still scare the parents, but at least the kids will sleep at night.


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