From fake to fabulous

From fake to fabulous


How to go beyond lip service and craft authentic events-with-a-cause

So you want to host an event to support a good cause. Good for you! But before you get on your horse, make sure you’re not just paying lip service.

What does that mean?

If you’ve ever had a broken bone, you know you can’t just slap a band-aid on it and go about your day. It may give the illusion of treatment but doesn’t address the real problem.

A thinly veiled public relations strategy can be transparent, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that a cause means anything without genuine commitment or action. It’s like hosting a music festival supporting renewable energy but using generators to power equipment and selling single-use plastic products.

Want to be more authentic? More impactful? Here are some tips:

Set it, stick to it
What do we want? Meaning! When do we want it? When it’s promised! What do you want to achieve? Do you want to raise money? Awareness? Educate people about a particular issue? Set your goal and stick to it.

An event-with-a-cause must have clear, measurable objectives that align with the cause and contribute to the overall goal. This’ll help you track your progress, measure the impact, and demonstrate tangible results – proving that your commitment to the cause extends beyond having a cool band and jumping castles.

Invest, for real
Understand the issue you’re trying to address and be certain that it’s part of your company’s core values, not just a PR strategy. This means integrating the issue into your business model, policies and daily operations.

Invest real resources, time and energy into the cause. Walk the talk. Nothing shows authenticity more than sustained actions and investments over time.

Don’t be a poser
Hosting an event to look good is like wearing a toupee and telling everyone about an awesome hair-growth product you’re using. It’s obvious; even embarrassing. Be honest about your intentions and show people, with your actions, that you actually want to make a difference.

Be accountable
If you’re raising money for a cause, be clear about where the money is going and how it will be used. And don’t just host an event and forget about it. Always follow up with your participants and tell them how their efforts made a difference.

Involve your people
Successful, meaningful events hinge on the active participation and engagement of everyone involved, including employees, customers, partners and the broader community. Why not give your people a say in the event’s design, execution or outcome measurement? This fosters a sense of ownership and connects you and your stakeholders, adding legitimacy and authenticity to the event.



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Amazwi8 is an AfroPop choir known for its breathtaking acappella performances. Comprising 40 world-class singers, it delivers the authentic and original sound of a young, fresh and urban South Africa.

Not even a year old, Amazwi8 has performed on many big stages, including Samsung Joburg Day, the Royalty Soapie Awards and the Cricket South Africa Awards.

Unusually, Amazwi8’s business model is that its choristers have direct control over musical direction and decision-making, as part of a sustainable structure in which all members have a real and vested interest in the growth of the company.

Here’s what we created in collaboration with Amazwi8 and Kiruna-Lind Devar.


Street-Spot: The Bo-Kaap Graffiti Tour

Street art is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get (and you likely won’t know who made it, either). But Bo-Kaap Graffiti Tours provide an excellent showcase for South Africa’s weird and wonderful, with insights from locals.

You’ll see murals by famous, infamous and secretive local street artists, depicting scenes from Bo-Kaap’s past, including the slave trade, the struggle against apartheid and images of traditional Cape Malay culture. You’ll also spot more modern icons and messaging – some of it funny, some of it heart-breaking, all of it vivid.

Wanna go? Book your tour in advance, charge your phone and wear walking shoes.

Take a look

Here’s a quick taste of a recent event we produced for a multinational blue-chip company. Giving new meaning to “360 degrees”, we took 500 attendees on a wild ride, using a revolve to transport them to different stages around the event space.


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