Making the invite feel like a golden ticket

Making the invite feel like a golden ticket


How to handle event invitations like a boss

Ah, event invitations… Those little nuggets of anticipation that grace our inboxes.

But an invitation isn’t only about informing people of an impending gathering. It’s also about creating an experience akin to receiving a golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory (minus the creepy dude and the risk of turning into a blueberry).

There’s an art to crafting the perfect event invitation. Make it too sweet, and no one will take it seriously; make it too “professional”, and risk a sourpuss convention.

If you strike just the right balance, however, you’ll have the ideal: an empty porridge bowl, a surprise visitor sleeping upstairs, and a lot of explaining to do. Just kidding.

Here’s how to craft the perfect event invitation:

  • Timing is everything: Guests need enough time to pencil you in, if you want to avoid the dreaded, “That was today?”. It’s best to send an invitation at least 6 weeks ahead, if not earlier, with 2- and 1-week reminders to follow.
  • Words, words, words: If you aren’t planning a snore fest, don’t make your invites boring. Forget “You are cordially invited”. Go with “Join us for a night of glamour, entertainment and food fights”, or whatever reflects the tone and theme. Use words that appeal to emotions, curiosity and sense of adventure.
  • Inclusions and exclusions: Inclusions are simple: date, time, location, dress code, agenda, what to bring (towels, picnic blankets, etc.), and what not to bring (own drinks, pets, etc.). But your invite is not the place to talk about the weather forecast or the history of your grandmother’s knitting club.
  • Formatting 101: Your invite should be a visual feast, not a word salad or an 80s disco explosion. Keep font sizes, styles, colours and graphics consistent so they scream, “Flag me, I’m important” and not “Help, my eyes!”
  • The nudge dilemma: There’s a big difference between reminding people and being pushy. Send a save-the-date, then an official invite, and then two or three reminders. If they still don’t respond, accept that they may be feeding their cats or uninterested.
  • Links, no links, which links?: Don’t pepper the invite with links or leave them out entirely. Instead, add a generous sprinkle of the right links, like the event landing page, ticket-buying platform, and speaker bios. And if you’re really confident, add a social media link. Just don’t overdo it.


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Calling local designers and know-it-alls!

At 360 we’re a group of women (and some wonderful men) who work hard and play hard. We love our laptops but we hate schlepping heavy, bulky, boring backpacks.

Having now spent two years looking at designs from around the world, and not managed to find what we’re looking for, we’re turning to you, local design talent (and those who know everything about everything). For the love of our backs and our sense of style, please create something that works for both.

No heavy leather, carry-with-a-handle or over-the-shoulder designs. We’re thinking sleek, stylish and sustainable. It must fit our Macbook Pros, chargers, cables and maybe a bag of nuts. Extra points if you use recyclable materials.

Up for the challenge? Send your sketches, prototypes or finished products (c’mon, a gal can ask!) our way. Just email


Trend alert! It’s good manners for event attendees to mute their phone’s ringer and alert noises. Obvs. But should phones be totally device-a-non-grata at today’s functions and gatherings? Perhaps not. When used responsibly, guests’ personal devices can add value to presentations and discussions; to the many pursuits and activities that constitute an event schedule. Speakers can display real-time data as it comes in, have the audience download slide decks or encourage immediate contact.


If you do add links to an invite, do yourself a favour and make sure they aren’t broken. Nothing dulls the anticipation like an error message.


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