Adding fuel to the marketing machine

Adding fuel to the marketing machine


How to use free online registration as a tool for mammoth exposure

Generic, pay-to-play, for-profit events. We have feelings about these. Granted, event organisers are entitled to offset hosting costs by charging attendees a registration fee, if it suits the brief and brand/s, but we feel…kinda weird…about it.

As you know, 360 Degrees is known as one of SA’s leading event companies, with a reputation for creating some of the industry’s most powerful experiences. So, pay-to-play? For us, it can be ick. What isn’t ick, however, is the global trend in favour of free online registration to dial into all or part of exclusive live events.

We’re seeing more companies offering free online registration as a supplement to their in-person function, and using this as a marketing vehicle for reaching a wider audience, generating leads and positioning themselves as thought leaders. You might say they’re going from generating gees to generating broader buzz.

Here’s why you can (and possibly should) use free online attendance to spread your message, build your reputation, and grow your audience:

  • Free and easy: You need not limit the number of attendees. You can invite anyone from anywhere in the world at any time of day. No travel, no hassle, no problem (except of course, the tech, but that’s doable these days).
  • Fun and engaging: You can use polls, quizzes, chats, Q&As, and games to spice things up in the online space, with dedicated online MCs. You can even include downloadable content (like slides, cheat-sheets, e-books, etc.).
  • Measurable AF: There’s quantifiable data available to be tracked, analysed and used to improve both live and online events in future.



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The Homecoming Centre is a vibe.

Cape Town is afire! Our CEO, Megan Willson, recently visited the Star Theatre and experienced a scene bursting with dense, meaningful and poignant work that “does what theatre is supposed to: move, inspire, entertain and broaden us.”

Megan was blown away by Damon Galgut’s stage version of his Booker-winning novel, The Promise, which is “masterfully directed by Sylvaine Strike, with a superb ensemble cast. The sound, the set and the anticipation left no seat unseated. Crafted by Joshua Lindberg, the set was a character in itself, perfectly capturing the book’s mood. Jozi, catch it at The Market!”

What followed was a Saturday afternoon matinee of A Vegan Killed My Marriage, written and directed with razor-sharp wit by Craig Freimond. “It’s an hilarious, brilliant piece of subversive activism – as hard-hitting as a punch to the solar plexus, with a flawlessly nuanced performance by Aaron McIlroy,” says Megan.

Did you know? The Star Theatre used to be the Fugard Theatre, which closed during the pandemic. The District Six Museum Trust partnered with Neighbourgood to relaunch the Theatre as part of the Homecoming Centre, and voila – a cultural hub that extends to a café, kitchenettes, and a recording studio.


South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, with delish cuisines from traditional braai to international fare. There’s something for everyone. Aaaand, you already know this.

But, when organising an event, how do you know if you should have food trucks, food halls or food courts?

Halls are ideal for events that require lots of seating, variety and comfort, but they can also be expensive, crowded and noisy. Open courts are convenient, affordable and accessible but they tend to limit you in choice, style and atmosphere. Trucks add fun, creativity and flair but can be unpredictable and may have limited capacity.

Which one?!?

Well, if you want cosy and classy, do the food hall. Quick and easy? Food court. Unique, vibey and cool with the occasional pancake on the floor? Food trucks. Or better yet, try them all and let us know which you rocked the most for you.


Be inspired by 11th Floor, which recently won the World Culinary Awards title for Africa’s Best Rooftop Restaurant. Thank you to our wonderful clients for selecting 360° to create your showcase.


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