A braai-tiful end to 2023

A braai-tiful end to 2023


How to properly thank your people

Ah, the good old days of year-end functions, where glitter was a condiment and the only thing sharper than the office banter were the elbows at the dessert buffet.

Back then we became masters of the awkward dancefloor shuffle and used small talk to disguise our “I’m-only-really-here-for-the-free-booze” mandate. And resolutions? They were largely to avoid embarrassing office karaoke and figure out what the heck “Auld Lang Syne” actually means.

But today? Zoom fatigue is a universal ailment – and so are year-end functions.

What happened to gathering the troops and collectively celebrating surviving another year? At 360, we’re hoping that saying thank you is not lost, but has merely evolved.

Here’s how to thank the people who help you make money:

  • More than digital confetti: In a world where the lines between the office and living room blur, a sincere (and personalised) “thank you” and a voucher can go a long way. If you can’t get everyone around the same braai, at least organise an Uber Eats delivery and a virtual get-together.
  • Being grateful on a budget: Is your budget tighter than a teen’s skinny jeans? Encourage your team to leap-frog the obvious. Each could bring a salad and a hotdog roll while the “braaimaster” klaps a boerie on the fire.
  • Frequent connection: If you’re not into big year-end bashes, create regular connection and appreciation opportunities throughout the year. A simple coffee catch-up, a virtual (or actual) lunch, or even a quick shared moment of humour can promote a sense of belonging and gratitude.
  • Celebrate milestones: Acknowledging small, medium and large wins along project lifecycles or at a year-end office party motivates team members and sets the stage for a mutually appreciative work culture.

If you can, and you want to, throw a bash. Make it meaningful. Go big. But, whether it’s large or small, it should centre on the sincere expression of gratitude.


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An unforgettable show with a blink-and-miss-it run

If you didn’t see Nkoli: The Vogue-Opera, you missed one of the year’s most fierce and fabulous shows. This multimedia artivism project tells the story of Simon Nkoli, a gay anti-apartheid freedom fighter and HIV activist who was imprisoned for four years on charges of treason.

Part opera, part vogueing ball, Nkoli celebrates possibility, defiance, activism, dance, glamour and escapism. The production is highly contemporary, with a cast of 26 top singers, dancers, voguers and musicians, using a blend of rap, opera, protest songs and archival audio clips.

But here’s the doozy: This dazzling show ran from 17 to 19 November. Why the short run? Where will it go next?! Will it tour internationally?!?! We don’t know. But we do know that you should keep an eye out for a revival.


Alright, alright. The year is ending. We’re bolting our doors and running for the hills. And yet… Whether you’re basking in tropical sunshine or conquering the couch, know that we’ll be here in spirit and on speed dial.


Buckle up, buttercup! We have a secret so juicy that even the watermelon’s blushing. Expect a January more exhilarating than a cat in a Christmas tree…


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