The scoop on 360’s (e)venture

The scoop on 360’s (e)venture


How to do events in 2024

EVENTually didn’t only spill the tea; it also brewed a whole new blend when it comes to the ingredients behind successful events. And let’s not forget 360°’s Marketing Lead, Sisi Kuzwayo, who steered the ship with style.

Grab your front-row seat for a quick replay…

Pro trendscaping à la Megan

Social media influence is shaping the world like a four-year-old with a new bakkie of play dough and our fearless CEO and Creative Director, Megan Willson, has seen the good, the bad, and the unspeakably ugly when it comes to trends.

She lifts the lid on why events are more than just an itinerary and a buffet queue, and explains how to create the electric buzz that prompts a “Hey, I was there.”

Click play for a trend bend from our event queen and find out which ideas, concepts and phenomena you should and, perhaps more importantly, shouldn’t follow.

A spicy take on creativity

Why do you only get good ideas when you don’t have a notebook nearby and can’t possibly write them down – like in yoga class, on a run or IN. THE. SHOWER?

Content guru Tiffany Markman has some suggestions for you – plus a host of creativity-boosting steps for generating extraordinary event concepts, especially when you’re desperate. Watch Tiffany breaking enuity into snackable pieces and then take her word for it, literally, by downloading her framework.

Never Loah your event-spectations

As an event producer Simon Nkosi knows a thing or two about navigation; about helping event attendees to find their direction. That’s a metaphor, yes, but it’s also a physical reality. After all, controlled chaos belongs at a play school, not an event.

Watch Simon’s talk on the art of a smooth end-user experience and how “Never Loah’s” legendary experience in the streets of Sandton shows how not to do it.

Tinder for talent – if Tinder were lekker

Talent agents can be lifesavers, helping you to land artists that match your event’s pulse and weave a memorable narrative. Senior agent, Boniswa Holland, has seen what a bad match looks like – and what it does to an event – and it ain’t pretty.

Watch Boni explain how booking the wrong artist can cause mass cringe and then keep her knowledge in your pocket, so to speak, by downloading her tips.

Design that moves

You know you’re doing something right (or wrong) when your design makes people cry. Graphic designer, Caroline Swart, has been there: making clients weep with joy and mopping her own tears of horrified amazement.

In Caroline’s talk, she explains how a reliable and resourceful design team is any event’s ride or die, and why a good project manager, brief and doughnuts can make all the difference between delight and terror. Download her magic dust here.

Advertising clicks, ticks & tricks

Bold Online Marketing

In a world where the sound of crickets is worse than even the worst wifi connection, Michélle Venter turns the tables with Google Ads. A fearless advertiser, she emphasises the importance of not only knowing your audience, but understanding what makes them click and stick. Watch her demonstrate how to dominate.

But wait…there’s more. Download Michelle’s mini blueprint for your own use.

Was EVENTually all hype? No ways. But there was hype. Lots. Here’s a taste:

360 has a level of sophistication that I really miss working in the States. If I were a client on the fence, I’d have no doubt about who to choose as my event supplier.” – International event collaborator & client

“Well done on a great webcast. Great reminders on the basics of why content is king.” – 360 competitor

360 team, you are a tour de force! What an outstanding webinar. Every person who spoke was simply brilliant.” – Event industry veteran

“Well done to the team for those strong reminders, all that experience, and the many messages!” – Anonymous, long-time 360 client


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Let’s talk about Sylvaine Strike

Sylvaine’s a stage-shaker, award collector, shiny-French-medal-holder, mentor and director. And if that’s not enough of a mouthful, get this: Sylvaine jetted off to Paris to master physical theatre, came back, released her dynamite in the hit show Baobabs Don’t Grow Here, and is now flipping classics on their heads.

Special mentions must go to Firefly, which Sylvaine developed alongside theatre veteran Andrew Buckland, and to The Promise, her highly successful co-adaptation of Damon Galgut’s Booker-Prize-winning novel. Both productions? Testaments to the power of collaboration in creating truly ground-breaking theatre.

(Sylvaine’s currently working on Spring Awakening. Get the details below.)

Whether teaching, directing, playing boss at Fortune Cookie Theatre Company, or hitting (more) books, she’s all in. And so are we, for anything she touches, forever.


A musical most woke – in a good way

If a snooze-fest is what you’re after, keep walking. Spring Awakening is the kind of play that will make you laugh, cry and cringe at your own coming-of-age. This isn’t grandma’s musical, unless she’s into alt-rock anthems and teenage angst.

Spring Awakening will run at Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre from 12 April to 5 May 2024. Grab your tickets now, while stocks last. We’re serious.


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