Date: Thursday 15 February 2024
Time: 15h30 -17h00
Format: Webcast
This exclusive invite-only online session will give you all the how and none of the waffle when it comes to superlative events in 2024.
Expect to hear from experts in event trends and best practices, marketing and tech, concepts and creative, event design, and artist/talent management.

Speaker Line-Up:

Megan Willson - CEO at 360 Degrees Production House

Topic: “Event Trends – Or Not”

Writer, director, entrepreneur, imagineer. Megan Willson is a multi-disciplinary creative, placing primary value in human connection. She has many awards and accolades as founder and chief of 360 Degrees and as an independent director, but sets little store by them, preferring to focus on the beauty of living – family, travel, art, music, food, books. She never stops working at life and family. It’s her purpose and pleasure.

Tiffany Markman - Multi-Award-Winning Copywriter

Topic: “Creative Event Concepts Need a Process”

Tiffany Markman likes her coffee strong and black, her paragraphing short and tight, and her apostrophes in all the right places. A multi-award-winning international copywriter, trainer and speaker, she’s worked with 570+ brands in 16 countries, trained 36 000 people and written five books. Tiffany loves clutch pencils, hates the word “revert” and spends weekends rehabilitating injured African micro-bats.

Caroline Swart - Freelance Graphic Designer

Topic: “Access Graphic Design Magic Dust”

Caroline Swart is a silverback freelance graphic designer, adding value to coffee shop meetings, boardroom sales pitches, retail branding and point of sale, to large scale print work for public spaces. Caroline’s clients love her for always showing up, meeting the deadlines, finding the solutions, and playing nicely with everyone on the team. In her 25 year freelance career, Caroline has had the  opportunity to work with almost every kind of graphic design application, and has reached homes and workplaces across Africa and Europe. She is also a mother of many, and likes to paint.

Michélle Venter - Digital Marketing Specialist at Bold Online Marketing

Topic: “Fearless Advertising: A Guide to Dominating Events with Google Marketing”

They call me “The Google Whisperer,” but trust me, Michélle is just fine.  My real superpower? Decoding the cryptic language of online success. Remember the “spray and pray” days of digital marketing? Yeah, those are extinct. At Bold Online Marketing, we craft bespoke digital strategies that don’t just stick, they soar. As a seasoned Digital Marketing Specialist, I’ve witnessed the jaw-dropping power of a dialed-in plan, and let me tell you, the scar tissue from bad strategies is real. But fear not! I’m here to be your Sherpa through the ever-shifting online jungle, showing you how to transform your online presence into a profit-generating beast. Ready to ditch the digital guessing game and unlock the secrets of a thriving online empire?  Join me as I peel back the curtain on online success, one strategic masterstroke at a time. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wildly profitable ride!

Boniswa Holland - Senior Agent & Owner at Elysian Management

Topic: “What You Need to Know About Artist Management for Events”

Boniswa Holland, is one of the vibrant forces behind Elysian Management, a performing artist and talent agency. With 10+ years’ experience in the industry, her passion lies in discovering and nurturing talent. As one of the owners, she excels in curating exceptional actors dedicated to crafting careers and ensuring clients experience nothing short of brilliance. Boniswa: where uniqueness meets expertise in the world of acting.

Simon Nkosi - Event Producer at 360 Degrees Production House,

Topic: “Wayfinding in the Dark”

With 11+ years of experience in the event industry, Simon is a highly skilled and accomplished event producer known for his deep understanding of logistics and sensitivity surrounding the guest experience. He is an experienced stage manager, having managed high-profile business leaders, keynote speakers and entertainers from across the globe. His expertise spans across corporate, conferences, product and luxury brand events. He’s a dedicated husband and father.

This year you have no choice but to take your events to the next level. Eventually 2024 – a 360 Degrees-‘n-friends collab – is a must-attend.