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We’ve been living in interesting times in 2018 and, for many of us, South Africa’s month-long December shut-down can’t come soon enough. 

But…have you thought about what kind of break you’ll be taking? 

Have you negotiated (with yourself) an only-very-slightly-decelerated momentum? Do you feel like you can afford to slow down, but not actually stop…? Are you concerned that taking an eye off the ball means dropping all the balls? 

Whatever kind of stop – a hard stop or a soft stop – you’re planning, we recommend that you give yourself the empty space and mental breathing room over December to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What really floated my inspiration boat in 2018? Can I borrow from it?
  2. What hot event design concepts have I seen or considered?
  3. What kind of incentives would I like to implement next year?
  4. What major lessons did I learn, that I could share or build on?
  5. What shopping, online, outdoor, or conversation experiences would I like?
  6. What truly fuels me? And how can I infuse 2019 with more of that?

Now, resolutions are nonsense. Seriously. They don’t stick. Because they’re restrictive and un-fun. So, alongside your own answers, we strongly recommend abandoning resolutions and opting for these instead:

  • Take time out to look at gorgeous things.
  • Teach your kids something awkward, retro and funny (like the Macarena).
  • Get onto Netflix and Showmax and watch some great series and doccies.
  • Ensure that you cook at least one fantastic meal.
  • Download a list- and note-making app (try Evernote) for your great ideas.
  • Spend time outdoors – perhaps plant a little bush (trees are complicated).