Education, entrepreneurship – and events

Education, entrepreneurship – and events

Is this the sweet spot we’ve been waiting for?

Only 20% of Grade 4s can understand what they read and 61% of Grade 5s can’t do basic maths. South Africa’s school dropout rate is above 50%, and 55% of our youth are unemployed – the highest rate in the world.

Something has to be done about our education system, which is ranked among the world’s worst and is partly blamed for sluggish economic growth.

Yes, the problems run broad and deep. Yes, this is the biggest force fuelling poverty, unemployment, and inequality. Yes, it’s a shitshow. But tutting from behind computer screens and griping about government’s inaction isn’t going to help.

We need dialogue, but we need real dialogue. Not the empty debate that happens between slacktivists, trolls, and keyboard warriors. We need the kind where strategists, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs meet – face-to-face – to brainstorm, collaborate, and bring focused attention to solving educational challenges.

Events can do this.

Events are the sweet spot. Events connect people who want to make a difference with those who are making a difference and those who can make a difference.

That’s a powerful point of collision where creative opportunities emerge, priorities are redefined, and different options are explored. And, some call this entrepreneurship.

So: what happens when you gather a bunch of entrepreneurs at an event, add speakers, panel discussions, workshops, networking spaces, clever digital experiences and gala evenings? Decisions happen. Plans are made. Shit gets done.

At events, social entrepreneurs like the Southern Africa Finalists for the 2020 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, find the right partners to scale an inkling of an idea into an initiative that closes the inequality gap for thousands.

At events, public benefit organisations like the TISO Foundation have an opportunity to showcase the amazing work they do in supporting youth education, development, and leadership, and to attract the support and sponsorship needed to scale.

For a few hours, events captivate the attention and intention of the people with the connections and resources to make a dent in our education challenges. And we believe that’s the sweet spot we’ve been waiting for.

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