Things are not always what they seem.

Things are not always what they seem.

We get it. Times are tough. Friends aren’t few, but how would you know – cos you can’t socialise with them. And you’re getting COVID-themed newsletters every five minutes. But there’s a nugget of hope in all of this, and here it is:

You can learn to be anti-fragile. Anti- fragility isn’t about recovering from chaos; it’s about thriving within it, like the Hydra monster, who grows two heads if one is cut off. Anti-fragile people reframe challenges as opportunities. They thrive on disorder. Even if it’s not fun.

If fun’s what you’re needing, tho’, take a look at this. Proof that things are not what they seem, and that there’s sweetness to be had almost everywhere.

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Events in the time of COVID-19
What to do when the show must go on

Unless you’ve been self-quarantining under a rock, you’ve heard the news: ports of entry closed, travel banned, schools shut, and – the big one for our industry – gatherings of more than 100 people prohibited. But, even if you were to go ahead with your under-100 event, would anyone come?

*Cue tumbleweed*

Conferences, meetings, incentive trips, and travel are imperative to effective business. But, from 15 March 2020, it was no longer business as usual, and it might be a long time before business as usual looks like it used to.

So if you can’t bring people to your event, take your event to them. Everyone’s doing it: Microsoft, Google, Joe Biden, even the Pope.

At 360 Degrees, we’ve done e-vents, and we’ve done ‘em brilliantly.

The key is to pull off a virtual event that doesn’t suck. No boring webinars, no Death-by-PowerPoint presentations. E-vents must add value. It’s hard when you lose face-to-face networking and live entertainment, but not impossible. And the advantage of e-vents is that they make it easier to reach a wider, global audience – plus you save on hospitality, travel, and catering costs.

Same, same, but different

As different as they are, physical and virtual events have crucial commonalities. The difference is, virtual events rely on technology to pull it all together and to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

Here are the non-negotiables for your virtual event.

Even in crisis mode, the show must go on. Make it e-xceptional. Connect with us for help.


Queen Sono. Netflix’s first African original series. It looks like an international spy drama, but it’s local, local, local. We happen to know, intimately, the event company that created Queen Sono’s glittering red carpet premiere. We’ll give you a clue: it rhymes with Three Sixty Deep Freeze. What. A. Triumph. For us (er, for Three Sixty Deep Freeze). For Africa. And for all those who’ll be Netflix-and-chilling this month.

Check out the premiere event.


Events for good. Today, more than ever, we believe this is the future. And we’re still committed to shining a spotlight on worthy causes. Got a good cause in mind? Pop us a detailed email motivation. #eventsforgood


Check out our showreel. It’s so beautiful that, if it weren’t a video, you could wallpaper your (home) office with it. Take care. Be kind. Hang in there.