How to engage with 2023 audiences in 360 degrees

HOW TO… How to engage with 2023 audiences in 360 degrees

Trends pieces are the worst, which is why this isn’t a trends piece. Call it a series of nudges, of promises, of predictions. Call it a wishlist.

At 360 Degrees, we’ve seen the good and the bad happen to this industry. We’ve watched it come and go; come back again and go again. So we recognise – and we’re ready for – the next turn of the wheel.

As we turn our faces towards 2023, we’re expecting:

  • More experiential
  • More micro
  • More schmooze

Here’s what 360-degree engagement may look like:

Think corporate experiences so memorable that attendees can almost take them home. Events with multiple tangible touchpoints, large and small. Immersive, sensory, talkable and sticky moments that yield conversion.

Think high-quality, ultra-personalised micro-events, where guests feel not only seen, but also recognised, appreciated, and even loved. Think style and subtlety. Quality, not quantity. Impressiveness and expressiveness.

Think of platforms and channels that enable guests to engage before, during and after an event. That encourage authentic, sustainable networks to form. That build and boost a genuine sense of community.

Eyes on…

360 proudly heroes, collaborates with, and celebrates a wealth of local SA talent. Stay
tuned for our first EYES ON of 2023, in which we examine a “special star”.

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It’s those who are busiest who most need to give themselves a break. To take time to be still. To think. To have jaw-dropping ideas for use later on. At 360 Degrees, we know there’s virtue in both epic work and serious rest. So we’re taking some of the latter to prepare for much more of the former.