From lame ideas to lekker ideas.

From lame ideas to lekker ideas.


How to afford your next event

Easter-themed events in April. Youth-themed events in June. Performative feminism, dressed up as equality, throughoutAugust. And “springing” into September.

All this before we even get to the tinselled cheer of year-end.

It can be tough to get excited about, and generate client and guest enthusiasm for, an event concept – when it’s the same stuff as last year.

At 360 Degrees, we start by thinking differently. Here’s how:

Get funky with the angle

You know about Easter and the bunnies, how important the youth is for the development of our country, and that you shouldn’t toss your laptop out the window in September. Instead, consider the industry you’re ideating about, research what the other okes are doing (or likely to do), abandon those ideas entirely, and gather smart minds around you to come up with something different and unpredictable.

Be gone, conference hall!

Do you get excited when you read, “Join us at the Boring Conference Centre on the corner of Yawn Street and Mind-Numbing Avenue”? Uh, no. Remember that there’s no skaam in booking a venue that’s “extra” or even odd. And here’s another bonus: You don’t need a mammoth decor budget when the venue itself is groovy.

Don’t neglect the newbies

Your first thought may be to book a fan-favourite celeb or influencer as a guest speaker or performer – but up-and-coming micro- or even nano-talents may offer fresher vibes. Want to support local? That’s how you support local. Besides, wouldn’t it be amazing for yours to be the first major gig that kicks off someone’s career?

Re-think the dress code

People love dressing up. But only because we had a two-year pandemic and they forgot how much they hated dressing up before that. Think carefully about your specific crowd when requesting ties or fancy dress or sneakers. (And never, ever make people wear fluffy bunny ears – unless they really want to.)

Make the host city your hook

If your event is in Jozi, give city vibes. If it’s in Bloem, give rose-tinted vibes. Wherever your function is located, work hard to emphasise the city’s specific cultural flavours. This gives locals a sense of pride and visitors a different, authentic experience.


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In Cape Town!

Our founder and CEO, Megan Willson, one of 80 successful entrepreneurs from 20 countries, was an invited guest at the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ EMEIA annual conference at the Belmont Mount Nelson. Our team also managed and ran the conference, so we could keep an eye on Megan while she kept an eye on us! The main takeaway? Whatever happens next in our volatile and uncertain world, women leaders across the globe will guide us with energy, inspiration and power. Megan was caught taking selfies with fellow entrepreneur, Nadine Hocter – Owner of Sheer Bliss


It was 1969 when the Icon of Vivid Creativity, Norman Catherine, held his debut art exhibition. Around 54 years later, Norman went out on a carefully carved, brightly painted limb and made a comeback – at the tender age of 73. His Head to Toe exhibition, Norman’s first solo show with Everard Read in a decade, showcased textured bronze clay models and colourful prints. Take a look at the wonders and magic produced by South African treasure, Norman Catherine.


What’s better than dangling downlighters in a dark and mysterious space? Uh, food. Obviously. Chef Darren Badenhorst and his protégé, Callan Austin, are maxing out sustainability and fine dining with their experiential restaurant concept, Dusk. This night-time-only experience combines delicacies both weird and wonderful, from a 13-course tasting menu with optional beverage pairing, to “theatre, eight ‘micro-seasons’, foraging, fermentation, zero waste” and local and indigenous foods.

You’ll find Dusk 43 Plein Street, Stellenbosch; open from Tuesday to Sunday, 6pm to 8pm. Book a table on 021 023 4100 or


Ditch what’s been done to death. Take creative chances. Conceptualise your own themes and create events that mean something to you and your audience.


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