Virtual Live Events

Why are the words virtual sets, virtual staging, online conferencing, webcasts, webinars and livestreaming on everyone’s lips right now? Why are virtual live events the new big thing? Why’s everyone googling, ‘how to run a virtual event?’

Guess what? It’s not just because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s also because, in the new world that COVID-19 has presented us with, businesses must communicate more, expand their networks, and try new things if they’re going to survive. The need to engage and interact is stronger than ever.

People need a distraction, a sense of connection, and to experience something with others, at the same time – but apart.

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Magnificently staged

But, because virtual live events have become popular overnight, everyone’s competing for eyeballs. To stand out, you must diversify. Now’s the time to do what makes you uncomfortable. The survival of your business could depend on it.

Now we’re not talking about Zoom conference calls with your team or virtual fire-side chats from online coaches. We’re talking about magnificently staged virtual live events that use state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and techniques to present brands and concepts as they should be. With 3D virtual sets, and more!

This is your chance to create something entirely new, novel, and engaging. Millions of people are sitting at home, bored as hell, desperate to be entertained. They’re waiting for you to come and save them. From themselves. And banana bread.

Advanced event tech

Advanced eventing technology can give your attendees something they’ve never experienced before. Here’s how to up your virtual game:

  • Different viewpoints, with cameras all over the virtual set
  • Real-time engagement, through live polls, surveys and Q&As
  • Avatars in 3D virtual sets
  • Interaction with branded virtual products
  • Mixed reality: merging the physical and virtual world
  • Virtual reality using 3D headsets
  • Gamification, with challenges, points systems and leader boards
  • Data mining, via avatar tracking, social media and other insights

Event innovation

360 Degrees has been at the forefront of event innovation for years. We’re pros at adapting. So if you’re going to host a virtual event, online conference, webcast, webinar, or livestreamed function, do it properly, and get 360 Degrees to help you.

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